Metal Polyhedral Dice Set, 7 + 3 Extra d6’s = 10 Piece Dice Set


Metal Polyhedral Dice Set, 7 + 3 Extra d6’s = 10 Piece Dice Set, Brushed Silver Finish, Leatherette Display Case & Velvet Carry Bag. Great For RPG, D&D. Heavy In Your Hand, And Made To Last!

🐉 SET OF 10 METAL POLYHEDRAL DICE: Complete Set Of 10 Pieces (7 + 3 Extra D6’s). Set Includes: 1x D20, 1x D10 (0-9), 1x D10 (Marked In Tens 00-90, For Percentages), 1x D12, 1x D8, 1x D4 & 4x D6’s (You Can Never Have Enough!)
🐉 LEATHERETTE DISPLAY CASE & VELVET CARRY BAG & CLEANING CLOTH: Make Your Friends Jealous At The Next DnD Gathering! These Look Great On Any Gamer’s Table Or Shelf. Designed To Protect Your Dice, Case Has Foam Liner. Our “Dragon’s Breath” Logo Emblazoned On Top. The Small Velvet Pouch Is Another Option For You To Store & Carry Your Dice.
🐉 BRUSHED SILVER FINISH: These High Quality Die Have A Beautiful Brushed Silver Finish. The Dice Have Numbers Clearly Carved On Them. Hand Checked Quality Assurance. D6’S Are 14mm & The Largest Is the D20 At 25mm Wide. See Photo For Details.
🐉 HEAVY METAL DICE!: Heavy Duty Solid Metal Dice Are Heavy In Your Hand And Roll Consistently. Professional Feel & Performance. Plastic Is No Good Against Dragons & Goblins!
🐉 PERFECT FOR RPG’S: Such As Dungeons And Dragons, Heroscape, Warhammer, Pathfinder, Savage World… Even Math Or Card Games.


Nice Dice – Heavy Metal Polyhedral Dice, Set Of 10

Made by Vivorr Dice, “Dragon’s Breath” dice is a great 10 piece set of solid metal dice and CERTIFIED AWESOME!. It includes the regular 7 polyhedral set (1 x d4, 1 x d8, 2 x 1 d10’s (0-9 & 00-90), 1 x d12, 1 x d20 and not just 1 d6 but 4 of them, as you can never have enough d6’s! These are NOT factory seconds/rejects and have passed Vivorr Quality Control.

Great For Role-Playing Games:

Great for playing games such as DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, PATHFINDER, HEROSCAPE, WARHAMMER, SAVAGE WORLD… Or even just Math & Card games. The numbers are clearly carved on them. Hand Checked Quality Assurance. Heavy in your hand and roll consistently with a professional feel and performance.

Leatherette Display Case & Velvet Carry Bag

This product also comes with a beautiful leatherette display case / box. Designed to protect your dice with foam liner. Our “Dragon’s Breath” logo emblazoned on top. Looks great on any gamers table or shelf. Perfect to store your dice and carry around with you. You also have the option of using the Velvet Carry Case. Up to you which you prefer!

1 Dice Set Includes:

✔ 1 x D4

✔ 1 x D8

✔ 1 x D10 (0-9)

✔ 1 x D10 (00-90, For percentages)

✔ 1 x D12

✔ 1 x D20

✔ 4 x D6’s

✔ 1 x Display Case

✔ 1 x Velvet Carry Bag

✔ 1 x Cleaning Cloth


Product Guarantee:

We offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, buy now with no risk. You can try our dice set and if you aren’t happy for whatever reason, we’ll give you your money back or send you out a replacement set, whatever you prefer, no questions asked. deal with all our orders. Click Add To Cart and process your shopping cart, you will receive the product shipped by Amazon in just a few days. PRIME ELIGIBLE


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